Harrow COVID Vaccine Centres


In December, local Covid-19 vaccination services, led by our local GPs, were set up to help vaccinate our most at risk residents (in effect people over 50 and those with significant health conditions).  Since December, our teams have dedicated their time to vaccinating these residents and ensuring everyone has been offered a vaccine.  The time has come (with younger residents now being offered the vaccine and the opening of our local Mass Vaccination Centre) for our local doctors and their teams to start refocusing on providing the many services Harrow residents rely on, such as routine check-up appointments for people with long term illnesses such as diabetes.


Therefore, from the start of May, the vaccine sites at Tithe Farm and The Hive will be closed and we will be providing COVID-19 vaccination out of Byron Hall only.  All patients who had their first dose at The Hive or Tithe Farm will be contacted to be given a date for their second dose at Byron Hall.  If it is 10 weeks since your first vaccination and you have not as yet received an appointment date for your second, please call the Harrow Council Call Centre on 020 8901 2698, they will be able to support your booking.




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